Atmosphere Press is an independent full-service publisher for books in genres ranging from non-fiction to fiction to poetry to children's picturebooks, with a special emphasis on being an author-friendly approach to getting a book into the world. 

We use a “collaborative” publishing model, in which the author funds the initial creation and publication of the book, but the press takes 0% royalties on book sales. This way, you keep your rights, and we make your book awesome. You can learn more about what we do at Atmosphere’s website,

You can also write to us or submit via email at

We're professional, honest, and kind. Let's work together.

Atmosphere Press, an author-friendly collaborative press, is open for full-length books in any conceivable genre: we've done everything from novels to poetry collections to children's books to business advice to self-help to sci-fi, and we're always looking to deepen our offerings in these categories, and find even more to explore. Wow us with something great!

Requested guidelines: please, if possible, submit as a Word document (though PDF is fine, too!).  If you would like to submit multiple manuscripts, please submit them all under a single entry.  A cover letter is optional, but we're always happy to know a little about the manuscript and its author!

Atmosphere Press